Oxi Fresh

OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning Company is a franchise operation known for its green and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. The cleaning process utilizes the natural principle of using oxygen to lift stains and no other harmful chemicals are used.

Fairly new to the carpet cleaning franchise business, Jonathan Barnett founded the company in 2006. In the first year of operation, they gathered 21 franchisees in 5 states across the USA. The company soon introduced a CRM system to efficiently manage and schedule customer services. This helps you to schedule the carpet cleaning service through their 24/7 online portal. Truly impressive.

Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Business Review and Franchise Times have ranked OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning Company very highly. Most of these rankings are primarily due to the rapid growth rate of its franchise across America and are not based on the general operations of the business. The number of franchises is growing steadily for this company but does that really mean OXI Carpet Cleaners is one of the best carpet cleaning companies available?

The pros- Some key features of the business include online appointment scheduling, trained technicians to analyze and pre-treat stains for the best results. Thorough training and professionalism is implemented in each franchisee to represent the uniform professional image of the mother company.

The cons – The growing presence of the company means a growing number of customers. If an individual franchise delivers a poor service than the complaints can affect the whole brand and the acquisition of new customers. Carrying the burden of a shared brand experience can often result in a negative and be harmful for business. OXI need to implement some tighter screening methods for new franchisees and stricter procedures to ensure their longevity.

Though the number of franchisees is quickly expanding, OXI Fresh Carpet Cleaning is a relatively new company. With a large number of outlets opening the number of dissatisfied customers is going up. However, OXI remains the safe choice when the ratio of complaints to the number of franchises is compared with other carpet cleaning businesses.

To conclude, this franchise has proved to be a profitable business option for hard working Americans for the last 5 years. You are buying a job and hard work will be the order of the day.