NVP Market Portal

NVP are a globally acclaimed software development company, who develop a range of trading software for the financial markets. NVP aren’t the largest of the trading software firms however they have built a solid reputation around the world and their trading software can be found in some of the biggest commercial trading organisations. Their retail trading system is the NVP Market Portal, which will form the grounds of this review.

The Top Business Reviews team deliberated as to whether the NVP Market Portal would be a suitable candidate for our site, but as it can be used as an effective means to generate an income from the home we felt it qualified as a home-based business.

In the field of trading systems there are numerous products to consider for anyone who wishes to trade in the various markets. These options vary in range from extremely complex and time-consuming software that require an extensive knowledge to operate, through to very simple and basic programs. At the higher end of this spectrum, systems can come with a cost of £20,000 or more. As mentioned, many of these high-end systems can require the user to possess a considerable amount of knowledge and experience.

The NVP Market Portal is most definitely at the top end in terms of its technical analysis performance, yet it is promoted as a very user-friendly and even enjoyable program to operate. On contacting NVP one of their account managers took me through a detailed breakdown of the system and explained how it can be utilised to generate an income.

One key point to note is that NVP don’t promote this product to the masses. The company states that this is mostly due to their service commitment of dedicating an account manager to every client. This is a point I wanted to mention specifically, as I believe it is of great importance to any inexperienced trader considering the NVP Market Portal as a feasible home business opportunity. You are provided with a one-to-one support network within the company and guided along the path from when you first install the program, through to your first steps in the market and beyond. This actually comes as a lifetime service commitment from the company.

We decided to purchase the NVP Market Portal and received a package containing the software the next day. This contained a disc and USB containing the software along with instructions on installation and usage. The first thing I did was I call the phone number on the paperwork to speak with the support team and we arranged an initial appointment to get the package installed and to cover the necessary requirements to enable me to start trading.

The customer support team member I spoke to explained that they encourage new clients to spend a period of time doing what is commonly known as ‘paper trading’ – as the name suggests this entails trading with paper money – so that’s exactly what I did. On the first call we spent around twenty minutes talking whilst he walked me through the installation process and the basics of using the system. I was pleased to find that it really was quite intuitive and easy to run. I was certainly feeling a lot happier in my purchase already.
Over the following week, I undertook a handful of paper trades to become familiar with the program and the ins-and-outs of trading.

After this first week of just paper trading I took the next step and entered the market with a sensible starting investment of two-thousand pounds. Following the program’s recommendations, I purchased three stocks over a couple of days using an online broker.

At the heart of the Market Portal is what is called technical analysis, which is essentially a number of complex algorithms that are applied to thousands of stocks every day. The program then displays which of the stocks has the greatest probability of making a profit over a short-term period. I won’t pretend to understand or explain the complex inner-workings of the program, but the application of technical analysis is a standard method used by trading experts the world over.

The bottom line here is that the Market Portal does work. I do admit that I had concerns about the advertised returns when setting off initially, but the NVP Market Portal has proven to be an outstanding success. I ran the program for a control period of 24 months of trading and am happy to report that the forecasts promoted by the company were very accurate. I have made a great return on my initial investment made two years ago, and I continue to use the program to generate a secondary income. The program has remained strong and consistent through some volatile market conditions.

In conclusion, we believe the NVP Market Portal is much more than just a means of trading, it can be a home-based business for anyone who takes the time to use it to its full potential. It is certainly a suitable candidate for anyone wishing to make a secondary income from the home office. It does require you to put in a small amount of time each day in order to operate, but I can confidently say that the returns are worth the time input. I do and will continue to trade with this program and recommend this system to anyone, especially those who would like an extra income. It doesn’t require a huge capital to get started and from my own personal experience, as well as the feedback I’ve received from many people I have since referred, I can say that this is an exceptional piece of technology.