Colour Wizard

If you love cars and are looking for a single business unit option in the UK and Ireland, then Colour Wizard Franchise option is readily available. Colour Wizard is a professional company specializing in repairing small surface damage on cars. These include servicing panel scratches, stone chips, parking dents and bumper scuffs. The company utilizes expert repair and painting services and aims to leave the car looking like new.

Colour Wizard runs a franchise package which is based on real business model experiences. This can prove as a smart and profitable automotive franchise choice for those in the knowhow. The minimum investment cost will be around £10,000. The franchisee can start their business operations with smart paint repair and alloy wheel refurbishments. Both operations are the part of one single franchise package.

The model is based on supply and demand of a service everyone who owns a car will need at one stage. We have all had a ding before but the big concerns is with insurance companies opting for their preferred service providers. Small businesses like these will struggle to take on such contracts. Comprehensive training, 24/7 live support is provided. Moreover you have that peace of mind that you are collaborating with an established and expert business proven in its field. Annual turnover can reach £60,000. The business model will help you target a domestic and commercial market. You receive training from the professional body-shop staff. Not a big business but definitely an option for tradies wishing to start up on their own.

As a Colour Wizard franchisee you can benefit from its brand image of providing quality finish services. With the exclusive territory you can focus on your customers without having to worry about the competition from other Colour Wizard franchisees as the company claim to reserve fair districts for each investor. This franchise option is not meant for everybody. You need to have a love for cars and provide exceptional service to ensure you secure any repeat business.

If you wish to start up your own business with a higher earning potential than your current job than you can secure up to £60,000 a year. Professional outlook and strong support are the two major plus points of starting the Colour Wizard franchise.