Anytime Fitness

Statistics show that health clubs and gyms have proved extremely resilient even in tough economic times. The success of fitness franchises accounts for the large number of people opting for a healthy and active lifestyle every year. The trend is further geared owing to other factors like doctor’s recommendations, wellness programs featured at work places and incentives offered by some health insurance groups.

If you are among the ones heading out to establish one of the fitness franchises then partnering with the known fitness industry brands can prove a highly successful move for the franchisee. Anytime Fitness is one such complete package you can look for. It promises support at every benchmark and takes care of the start-up, financing and marketing requirements.

Anytime Fitness works to offer their franchisee assistance in the process of site selection and lease negotiations. It also helps to secure financing. Moreover, comprehensive training in the fields of operations, sales and marketing is provided. This includes the Health club membership campaign training. To keep their franchisee standing out from the competition, regional workshops, advanced managerial sessions, and annual franchisee conferences are also held. The franchise fee varies from £8,999 to £14,999, however the total investment can accumulate to over £290,000.

If you opt for a sound business model then the fitness establishments offers flexibility and ease to work for your franchise. The most popular business model till date is the 24-hour model, it is the co-ed model pioneered by the founders of Anytime Fitness, Jeff Klinger and Chuck Runyon.

With Anytime Fitness’s “exclusive systems integration” program, its business model promises the franchisee a flexible work schedule. This allows franchisees to run a 24-hour operation without the need to hire additional staff.

Anytime Fitness clubs are easily accessible as the Anywhere Club Access plan offers a convenient and affordable option to stay fit at all fitness levels. The Statistics show that 90% of Anytime Fitness members live within 3 miles of their club facility. Keep this in mind when choosing your location, you will need strong sales ability to generate enough business in your local area to make your franchise viable.

Cutting-edge weight equipments and round-the-clock tanning are just two of the exceptional experiences members can expect. Another impressive benefit of being an Anytime Fitness Franchisee is that Anytime does not take a percentage of sales but charges a flat fee of £419 every month.

The fitness industry is a very competitive market though. Evaluate the things like market environment and the location and make sure you are a strong sales person and have a love of fitness before investing hundreds of thousands of dollars.