Activ Web Design

With the constant expansion of the web-based industry in general, many business models are surfacing with promises of generating clients an instant income. They claim some of the commonly shared attributes like work from home, freedom and flexibility to work, no experience required and low or no overheads. Among the large number of business models available today, Activ Web Design has managed to make its place owing to the fact it is comparatively an easy to understand application.

What Activ Web Design has to offer is a licensing program that will allow you to build websites for clients. One of the pros of using this program is that a series of templates and website options are available to place and copy data and images accurately into the client website. Moreover, no previous website designing experience is required. You can directly head towards designing your own webpages. As part of the testing process I published a soccer website for my nephew. And yes, it was very simple.

The Cons – With the web designing industry expanding enormously, the quality of the website developed using Activ Web is not to the same standard as budget options from web professionals. Upon reviewing the time it took to build the website and what other competitive companies are charging for a website with the equal number of pages, the results were chalk and cheese. Another concern here is the pre-made website misses the interaction platform a business needs to maintain with its customers. You will not be able to “talk the talk” when dealing with your existing customers. A major part of a business’s capital growth depends on repeat business with its existing customers and such websites fail to provide this interface. Thus, such designing would hamper your business in due course with the likelihood of losing your clients to other more competitive service suppliers.

Overall the concept behind Activ is simple and it can serve as a good option for people who want to give wings to their creativity sitting at home. The Activ business model is not capable of assisting you with gathering and maintaining clients.

Another thing worth considering here is the price tag of £9,000 to obtain the Activ licensed program. For a price less than this, you can find a part-time or full-time designing course through many online and classroom programs. This will surely help you develop yourself as a better designer with a lot more power to experiment and provide a wide range of products to your clients. You can design a website more professionally and full of features unlike the ones designed using Active.

On a positive note, the system is easy to operate and understand and based on this the company has been quite successful. To conclude, Active does not serve the purpose of a real business opportunity. It rather serves the purpose of exploiting a part-time hobby to generate a small income. The scope of the business seems to have a limited future.